Kaifa’s Studio

was born as a place inspired by a deep understanding that being human is the combination between change and permanence.

That is why Kaifa's Studio is the place of the kaifa, the being that among the native inhabitants of the valley of Oaxaca (Mexico) was the permanent traveler, not only from a physical point of view but also a metaphysical one. The kaifa was the being who moved continually towards truth and peace.

The kaifas began their search by boat on the beach of Zipolite where it was assumed that all knowledge had been transmitted to men for the first time 6,000 years previously. There they began their trip, most of the time without returning.

Los kaifas empezaban su búsqueda en barco en la playa de Zipolite en donde se suponía que todo el conocimiento había sido transmitido a los hombres en un Primer Tiempo hacía 6.000 años. Allí comenzaban el viaje, la mayoría de las veces sin retorno.

But, just as life is change, death is permanence and there cannot be one without the other. That is why the kaifas set off towards the Pacific Ocean, towards the places where the rituals around the idea of ​​death were crowned with the kapala or thod pa, mainly human skulls, which were decorated with jewels and precious stones.

There, they pierced the skin to decorate the hardest and most durable element of the human body; bone.

Anybody who comes to get a tattoo in the 2000s is someone who is in search of something and does it through the skin. It is not free to paint your skin and often not even the person who does it knows what you are looking for.

But something motivates the decoration of the body in its various forms: an exercise of change by painting the skin but permanence by imprinting an image on it that will die with its own skin.