Vegan info

Although at first the opposite may seem to be the case, the truth is that in the world of tattooing, products and materials also need to be chosen in order to avoid animal abuse, ranging from the blade used to shave the area to be tattooed to the tattoo aftercare cream used, which may have animal-derived ingredients or have been tested on animals. Tattoos can be vegan and/or cruelty free. A vegan tattoo implies that all materials used have no animal-derived products. But they are not free from such practices as prior animal testing of products. A cruelty-free tattoo implies that none of the tattoo products used is derived from processes involving animal abuse. At Kaifa’s Studio, tattoos are both vegan and cruelty- free, including blades, disinfectants, soaps, transfer papers and inks, plastic wrap and healing cream, which are all provided by Vegan animal cruelty-free companies.

Studio info

Kaifa’s Studio is the place for Kaifa, he among the native inhabitants of the Oaxaca Valley (Mexico) who was the eternal physical and metaphysical traveller, ambivalently capable of change and transformation and at the same time self-perpetuation. Kaifa was he who was forever journeying in search of truth and peace. Kaifas would begin their quest departing from Zipolite beach where it was believed that all wisdom was first conveyed to mankind 6,000 years earlier. They would set sail from there, more often than not never to return. But, just as life is change, death is permanence and one cannot be without the other. So, Kaifas would head towards the Pacific Ocean, to places where constant rituals surrounding the idea of ​​death were crowned with the Kapāla or Thod pa, mainly human skulls, decorated with jewels and precious stones. There, they would pierce the skin to decorate the human body’s hardest and most lasting element: bone. Nowadays, those who wish to be tattooed are also explorers starting on a journey, on a quest, and they do so engraving their skin, bringing back and calling up memories, and enduring pain which is also about remembering. One does not ink one’s skin for nothing and we are often not even aware of our very aims upon embarking on such a project, which starts off when we see ourselves being tattooed or is born along with the image of whatever it is that we wish to portray and keep on our body. Travel, change, transformation and remembrance...these are all paths to eternity. A tattoo is more than just a fashionable trend, and we know that at Kaifa’s, which is why we care for our clients and their initiatives because they were sacred.