02. 03. EN. Javi Martín Murph

My name is Javi Martin, I was born in Barcelona in 1982. Even when I was very young I was already a big fan of the drawings and everything related to comics and illustrations.

Although I did not tattoo It was in my blood. I started in 99 and since then I've been growing as a tattoo artist.

I've travelled throughout these these years, working in Oporto, Valladolid, Bacelona and Asturias until I finally settled in Madrid soaking in all the studies I have embarked on. I was in the studio Mao and Cathy before I started with my friends from Kaifa's studio.

I have also always liked to participate in conventions, tattooing in both international and national leagues. I have been lucky to win some prizes.
Javi's style
The styles I prefer are realism and the dark style. I have worked on fusing them

Realism fascinates me since the time I began to enjoy and admire Italian Renaissance Paintings.

Whilst my passion for heavy metal music and its covers have inspired me to work the dark style.
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