03. 03. EN. Estilo Dotwork ~ Geométrico Murph

What it is
The Dotwork and Geometric tattoo is a recently development in the world of tattooing. it originates from pointillism, a pictorial style that emerged at the end of the nineteenth century, in the year 1880, to be exact.

Its highest representative was the French artist Georges Pierre Seurat.

The geometrical Dotwork style has developed from pictorial pointillism and has used the technique of pointillism for drawings.

The fusion is Dotwork and geometry is also all about working on compositions with animals and more specifically with insects. Obtaining very curious and artistic compositions of this fusion.

They are monochromatic, and those who are doing it with color are usually working in either red or yellow.

It can be said, that Dotwork and geometric tattoos are replacing the old tribals and are becoming the neo-tribal of the 21st century.

Another type of tattoo that has emerged and relates to this technique is the minimalist tattoo.
Origin: Pointillism painting.

References: Geometry.

Usual motifs: Geometric shapes.
Here you can see some examples of dotwork-geometric style: