02. 01. 01. EN. Sergio De La Prida

Bio of Sergio De La Prida

I was born in Seville in 1977, I finished my studies very young so I could go to work and help at home. Dedicating myself to interior decoration without detaching myself from my authentic passion, which was drawing, I discovered the design technique of altarpieces of churches. This work allowed me to touch several artistic techniques of modeling and drawing in addition to carving and carving.

It became my way of life together with my passion for tattooing. I knew there would be time also to touch this branch of art and I did not think it would end up being my profession.

Sergio De La Prida's style
When I started tattooing I dedicated myself to practice and learn, taking as references Buffonetti, Acetates, David Tevenal and Mike Dorsey for the cleanliness, solidity and fantastic designs of these artists. The style that has always fascinated me most is the traditional Japanese with some touch of European and American influence, I admire the style of Filip Leu. In my designs I look for maximum solidity and cleanliness to turn them into tattoos, I like to draw traditional American and traditional Japanese style sheets with watercolors in my spare time and sometimes I delight myself by molding Japanese mythical masks.
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