03. 01.EN Estilo Biorgánico Murph

What it is
The birth of the biorganic tattoo is recent and is closely linked to the birth of its brother, the biomechanical tattoo. Both arose around the 1980s.

If we had to say specifically where both styles come from it would be from the release and the following popularization of the movie Alien by Ridley Scott.

The presentation of a dystopian future that, since those years, has been explored and developed extensively, made an impression on this style.

It could be said that, taking as reference the appearance of the film, the tattoo artists who have focused on the character of the android Ash began to develop the biomechanical style. Those who did it in the character of Alien itself began the biorganic style.

The biomechanical tattoo focuses on representing the mechanical skeletons with gears, wheels, pinions, pulleys, etc. The biorganical tattoo does the same but with organic forms such as tentacles, eyes or scales.

These styles are closely related to Realism, since all these elements are usually represented in a realistic way, but they can also be easily combined with geometric shapes that combine with mechanical or organic forms.

Due to the importance of the history and images of the dystopian futures in our time, they have become very popular recently.
Origin: 80's.

Reference: Dystopian worlds.

Usual motifs: Mechanisms and futuristic organic shapes.
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