02. 08 EN Tahiti Ink Murph

I was born in Tahiti where I started and developed a large part of my career as a tattoo artist. A while ago, I moved to Europe to bring all the essence of the Maori world here.

I found that the Polynesian tattoo style was being done by people who, on many occasions, did not understand all of its meaning and technique very well.

That's why I stayed here trying to provide all of the authenticity of this type of tattoo, which, for me, is native and sacred.
Tahiti Ink Tatau's style
In my homeland, Tahiti, I became familiar with the techniques and forms of the traditional Polynesian tattoo, learning each form and its meaning.

Once I got into it I was hooked. For me, after 23 years drawing it, it is now a way of life.

Anyone who wants to get tattooed in the Polynesian style should have someone who can guide them in the drawing and in the symbols because in the end they are representations of the person being tattooed.
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