03. 09. EN. Estilo Sketch Murph

What it is
This new technique has been around for a few years: the tattoo style of a Sketch Tattoo. Try to give an appearance of a sketch as the name refers. In fact its origins could be found to be in any notebook with sketches.

Whatever your style may be, any style is possible to merge with the sketch tattoo style technique.

The main element in a sketch tattoo is to see this accompanied by all the lines that have been drawn during the development of the design.

The elements of sketch tattoos are infinite and can also be mixed with other drawing techniques such as watercolor, a tattoo style without lines and with a lot of color, which harmoniously merges with the typical lines of the sketch tattoo.

You can also fuse with realistic tattoos that with their shadows offer the volume that contrasts with the flat and almost geometric aspect of sketch tattoos, very interesting is the game of opposite styles trying to merge.

Another option is the trash polka style: realism, geometric, watercolor, and the sketch itself that was born in Germany and whose characteristic is also the fusion of opposites such as the real and the abstract as it usually happens in the sketch tattoo, its message is the ambivalence and coexistence of opposites such as technology and humanity, reality and its waste.

The trash polka style is based mainly on contrasts, you can mix letters, graphics, geometric with realistic natural elements; a fact that usually happens also when it comes to compositions of sketch tattoo style.

Origin: First sketch of the history.

References:The reality.

Usual motifs: Any motif.
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