02. 07. EN. Raul Rodriguez Murph

I was born in Madrid, where I grew up painting everything that my height allowed me, until I got into graffiti at the age of 14.

I started self-banding at 16 and became interested in everything related to this world.

At the age of 20 I moved to Navarra where I began to develop professionally by opening my own studio. I discovered in tattoos a way of "creating".

I have been training with the best until reaching a high level experience in banding and other modifications.
Raúl's style
My tattoos have ended up showing my personality. If I had to define my style, it would be a sketch tattoo.

I think that the sketch is the soul to any drawing; mixed with realistic, gestural, linear techniques and more, designing personally for a client. I love to freehand to adapt to the clients skin.

Something paper often doesn’t allow. Your idea is unique and I want to capture it.
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