03. 08. EN. Estilo Realista Murph

What it is
It could be that realistic tattoos are those that are most impactful. Not only for the specialists but also those who don't usually pay attention to tattoos.

In fact, realistic tattoos turn out to be, the easiest one to appreciate under the unexperienced eye, they seem more recognizable

A realistic tattoo can put infant of you a famous character, animal or the portrait of a loved one. Realistic tattoos have been improved remarkably and have gone from being a style that was obsolete or rather old.

To being greatly appreciated by the new generations of tattoo lovers. Realistic tattoos are usually in darker shadows. But lately we are seeing more realistic works of art in color, something that 10 years ago was unthinkable.

This new way of understanding realism has given a great boost to this style. Making it more contemporary.

Origin:Photography technique.

References: Audiovisual culture.

Usual motifs: Portraits.
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