05 Vegano and cruelty free Murph

Although at first glance it may appear otherwise, the reality is that in the world of tattooing it is also necessary to select products and materials that avoid animal abuse.

From the blade with which the tattoo area is shaved to the cream that we use to cure the tattoo, they may contain materials of animal origin or may have been tested on animals.

Tattoos can be vegan and / or cruelty free.

A vegan tattoo implies that all the materials used are free of products made with animal matter. However, they do not guarantee that the products have not been tested on animals.

A cruelty free tattoo implies that none of the products used in the tattoo are involved in any type of animal abuse.

At Kaifa's Studio, tattoos are both vegan and cruelty free. From the blades, to the disinfectants, to the soaps, to the transfers, to the inks, to the healing cream everything is provided by vegan companies and do not practice animal abuse.