02. 05. EN. Pande-Lee Murph

I'm Pande-lee from Dirty Rose Tattoo in Tessaloniki (Greece). I started tattooing a few years ago. Over time I have specialized in dotwork and geometric tattoos.

What fascinates me most are the lines. Lines in a tattoo have to be seamless and precise creating a harmony.

I am very meticulous in achieving my goal, reproducing this harmony. Certain Hindu influence can be detected in my works.

Over time I started to have fun mixing geometric with animal-like figures especially skulls.
Pande-Lee's style
Most of my work bases are black and grey but I also like to put some color details if the composition requires it. 

I like to complement my works with elements of sacred geometry.

I try to find and capture the spirituality of the tattoo as the tattoo escapes from what is only tangible.
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