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What it is
In Oriental culture, tattoos are called in Japanese: Irezumi, and the tattoo is made with the traditional hand technique known as Horimono.

They have unique characteristics that represent those who wear it.

The oriental influences has been expanding over Europe and America where there are great fans of this art.

The most traditional symbols of oriental art of tattooing were the Japanese dragon and the cherry blossom or sakura.

This is the soul of Japan, one of the national insignia. Tradition has associated this flower with the figure of the Samurai.

The carp or koi symbolizes courage, dedication and perseverance.

Geishas, Samurais, dragons, phoenixes, tigers, peonies, chrysanthemums, each of them symbolize the history of Japan.

Nowadays the oriental symbolism has evolved in such a way that we can see an infinity of oriental mythological characters used as protagonists in the compositions and modern Japanese tattoos.

Oriental style Irezumi tattoos were traditionally made by hand and the main characteristic of oriental tattoos are to use the whole body as a canvas, to become one with the tattoo.

Origin: Edo period (1603 - 1808).

References: Japanese history and mythology.

Usual motifs: Sakura, Koi, dragones, fénix, geishas, chrysanthemum, peony, phoenix, etc.
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