03. 05. EN. Estilo Old & New School and Neotraditional Crazy Murph

What it is
The traditional tattoo originates in the United States. The first tattoo Old School artist had his tattoo barber in Hawaiis capital, Honolulu.

His name was Norman Collins. Besides being the inventor of the traditional American style, he was the first Western artist to learn from the great oriental masters of traditional tattooing.

But there is also a nuance that the traditional American style has always been open to other cultures and has been influenced by different styles of tattoos.

The reason may be just in its origin. Sailors became the best example of this style, always being on the road and mixing with the cultures of the places where they put their feet.

In fact the traditional tattoo, being in continuous movement, has also been transforming and in the '70s it evolved giving rise to the tattoo of the new school (New School and Crazy Tattoo).

This was the result of the synthesis of the Old American School and the Irezumi Japanese characterized by the exaggeration of the elements and the movement of the composition New School

In recent years the followers of the New School and Crazy Tattoo have grown due to the versatility of their representations, incorporating any element that comes to the mind of the clients and thus relating it to one's life: to know more about who is wearing it.

This allows the New School tattoos to be very personal and original and unique. In addition they are using more alive and psychedelic, fluorescent colors that look like they're taken out of graffiti to tattoo the Crazy Tattoo.
Old School

Origin: 50`s.

References: American and sailor's world.

Usual motifs: American and sailor's symbolism.

New School and Neotraditional Crazy

Origin: 70's.

References: Old school tattoo

Usual motifs: Any!
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