04. EN. Piercing Murph

The origin of the piercing is ancestral.

The first people who practiced body piercing were indigenous  Borneo, as well as the South American and Asian tribes in which its use and meaning was both religious and mystical, where the soul and the divine came into contact through pain.

The piercings were also rituals of initiation in many tribes, marking the moment in which the transition from youth to maturity began through the application of piercings on the genitals and also implants on the body mainly made with fish bones or animals hunted by the person that would transcend into maturity.

The objective of these practices was to transcend the earthly consciousness to reach other states of higher consciousness. 

There are cultures in which piercings and body modifications have more to do with ornament and beauty, or aesthetics: like the rings that are placed on the lips of Masai women in Kenya or on the neck of Hindu women as well as women or the  leather tapes to compress the genitals they use in Borneo.

Body piercings have survived the passage of time but  with significant changes in its meanings.

In Victorian times the nobles used to put piercing on their nipples and genitals. One of the piercing that currently has more followers is the so-called Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria.

It was rumored that he need to put on that piercing to be able to tie his big limb to one leg and not be bothered by the tight pants that were worn at the time.

Currently the function that is given to the piercings are, purely aesthetic, or practice as could be the case of Prince Albert, but also with a sexual approach. Being that most requested by younger generations in order to increase libido and pleasure.
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