03. 02. EN. Estilo Dark Murph

What it is
The dark style emerged between the 80s and the 90s with the success and popularization of heavy music, dark wave and the Gothic style.

The supporters of these cultural tendencies carried out a strong development of the aesthetics in many forms: textile, illustrative, musical, attitudinal, pictorial and, of course, in tattooing.

They are usually representations related to a realistic style but that has been modified by a dark and crude interpretation.

The skulls, the nights, the shades, the moon or the black roses are some of the most representative motifs of this style already established in this tattoo tradition.

Currently this style is being combined with not only realism but also with other styles that are becoming popular such as Dotwork, Geometric style or Sketch.
Origin: 80's and 90's.

Reference: Heavy metal music, dark wave and gothic style.

Usual motifs: Skulls, moons, night scenes, black roses etc.
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